2017 Schedule

Vending Hours: Friday 2PM – 9PM, Saturday 9AM – 6PM, and Sunday 9AM – 5PM

Lunch Break and Raffles – Saturday and Sunday 12:05PM – 1:45PM

Friday – March 3rd

Friday – 12PM – 8PM – Registration is Open in the Lobby.

Friday – 3PM – 4:20PM

Marcia McCord
Aunt Marplot’s Terribly Personal Guide to the Lenormand
What does the future hold for you? Steak? Chicken? Vegetarian? Aunt Marplot will provide helpful(?) advice for the lovelorn and careworn, with a vision of the future that could only be improved by a good sound scrubbing if you throw your back into it! Learn more about yourself and your friends the Aunt Marplot Lenormand way!

Panel Discussion – Intuitive Development
Katrina Wynne, Mary K. Greer, Gina Thies, Jayni Bloch
Join us for an in-depth exploration of the nature, many styles, uses, and development of intuitive and psychic skills. Questions and comments are most welcome.

Richard Hartnett
The Evolutionary Tarot
Adding new cards to the Tarot is not a new idea; adding new cards and moving some of the traditional cards to align with Numerological meaning is. In this presentation I will walk everyone through the Major Arcana explaining the new cards while expanding on the idea of seeing the Major Arcana as an evolutionary journey.
This material is the result of over 30 years of development and practical application of these concepts.

Friday – 5PM – 6:20PM

Melissa Cynova
78 Cards in 80 Minutes
Using lessons from my book, “Kitchen Table Tarot”, we’ll learn about every card in the deck. With memes, music and memorable connections, I’ll do what I can to help you make the cards your own.

Arthur Graye
Intuitive Tarot with Arthur Graye
Join Arthur Graye for an interactive presentation on the whys, the how to’s and the methods used to not only open up your intuition, but to enhance it to help you in your card readings.
Book learning is important, but without intuition, it will only take you so far. Your inner voice is the best guide when it comes to directing and divining information from the cards.
This class will be a hands on learning session for anyone who is currently reading the cards for pleasure or profit, or who soon wants to be!

S. Rune Emerson
There’s Magic in the Cards!
Learn to cast spells of various kinds using just a deck of cards as a tool! Oracle decks, tarot, or even just a poker deck. Bring your favorite deck, or use one of ours.

Friday – 6:30PM – 9PM – Opening Ceremony – Raffles – Meet and Greet.

Saturday – March 4th

Saturday – 9AM- 10:20AM

Jayni Bloch
Archetypes and Psychology – A Breakthrough Consciousness in Healing using Tarot, Numerology and Art
This interactive presentation demonstrates the Archetypes with video clip examples that are both entertaining and informative, so that the participants can recognize and identify the Archetypes, their purpose and their healing properties. An Understanding of the systematic Archetypal life cycle processes, calculated by the birthdate, informs how every human transition through Spiritual healing opportunities that is activated by the unconscious through symptoms and experiences.
Every therapist and Taro-reader can benefit from the experience, observation and assimilation of insight that came from applying this knowledge over 30 years’ experience in psychological service. The empirical evidence of the power of archetypes in psychology using tarot, numerology and art, is overwhelmingly satisfying.

Brigit Esselmont
5 Simple Steps to Attract Your Dream Clients
Discover the 5 simple steps to find and attract your dream clients – the clients who rave about you and keep coming back for more.

In this hands-on presentation, I’ll show you how to tune in to your ideal client, attract the people who love (and value) what you do, and create irresistible Tarot reading offers that create powerful transformations for the people you work with. I’ll also share the exact strategies I have personally used in my online Tarot business to generate over a million dollars of revenue.

You’ll walk away from the session with a clear action plan to kick-start or boost your Tarot business by working with your dream clients.

Kooch and Victor Daniels
Deepening Insights With The Chakra Tarot Spread
Using demonstration readings we will show how the tarot-chakra spread is a medium for exploring the psyche, the emotions, and relationships.
We will discuss specific ways the tarot can be used for helping one person or a couple move toward greater clarity and problem solving.
The spreads being discussed will be the seven-card chakra insight spread and the fifteen-card chakra compatibility spread. Participants will be invited to do brief readings to gain experience and confidence in creating these spreads. Also, time will be given for discussing the meaning of card symbols and the seven chakras as the key to giving successful compatibility card readings.

Saturday – 10:45AM – 12:05PM

Maree Bento
The Petit Tableau
The Petit Tableau is an easy and unique way to read the Lenormand cards. We will explore how to use all the cards using houses and numerology. This is a similar, but different approach to the Grand Tableau. You must have a basic understanding of card meanings and how to perform 3-card readings. Ability to read a square of 9 helpful, but not required. Please bring a Lenormand deck.

Panel Discussion – Dudes In Tarot
Jay DeForest, Andrew Robinson, TBA
This discussion is centered on what it’s like to be a dude in the tarot business. Join us for a unique perspective on tarot.

Lisa Freinkel
Mindful Tarot: Building a Practice of Ease, Compassion and Joy
We will explore the basics of “mindful tarot”: a practice merging meditation and intuition as a means to promote integration, self-compassion and joy. Students will explore the basics of mindfulness practice through seated meditation and gentle movement, developing skills with present-moment awareness and non self-judgment.
We will then work to harness these skills in the context of tarot reading and interpretation. Students will be given the opportunity to work in pairs, and/or on their own, with an invitation to investigate tarot work with inner child, shadow and lovingkindness exercises.

Saturday – 1:45PM – 3:05PM

Connie Kick
Be the Image and Have a Tarot Revolution
BE THE IMAGE HAVE A TAROT REVOLUTION learn how to become the card itself.
You’ll discover how during the darkest hours of my life the Magician led me on the path of an Internal Tarot Revolution. Come Kick it Tarot Style with me and experience the image of the card (with props). I will show you why you and your clients do not have to be a psychic to get a deeper understanding of what the cards want you to know.
This group is an energetic, non-judgmental, sharing, caring and fun circle of experience. Make sure to bring a tarot deck with scenic pips, your imagination, and a camera.
Everyone who attends will leave with a gift from me as a token to remind you of the magic tarot brings us and to use what you learn to help others have a tarot revolution of their own.

Thalassa Therese
Bad Cards, Good Data
Those cards that make you cringe? They’re your friends. Really! One of the best tools for learning Tarot is a good hard look at the cards one likes the least. Divination does some of its best work on the brink of the precipice no one else has the courage or strength to look at. The dark, difficult and dangerous cards of Tarot are a course in self-knowledge and life skills like no other, and we are going to ransack that syllabus. Join Thalassa for a saunter through the shadows that line the Royal Road.

James & Susan Schultz
“Just Enough – Astrology for Tarotist” ~ No prior astrological knowledge required!
The relationship between Tarot and Astrology may be as old as the cards themselves. Do you know the relationship between the 22 Major Arcana and Astrology? Do you read reversals or avoid them because you don’t want to try and learn 78 additional meanings? How do you handle timing questions? Which Major Arcana support each other, and which indicate possible conflict? By applying some simple principles of Astrology, learn an easy way for reading reversals, add a new dimension to your timing techniques, and see “hidden”
relationships between the cards. Handouts will be provided to guide you in your learning and application. Bring a deck to use in practicing these and other techniques. Learn how, with a little Astrology, you can take your readings to a deeper level!

Saturday – 3:30PM – 4:50PM

Christine Payne-Towler
Skeleton Key to the Tarot: Essential Concepts Expressed in the Numbers
While working up the divinatory service for Tarot.com’s online readings in 1998-9, I was forced to strip the cards down to their very bones, to find the common elements that define every 78-card pack regardless of the time of origin, creator, or style. Lo and behold, the internal outline of the pack reveals the structural assumptions that a Tarot player from the early centuries would have automatically seen in their pack of cards. In this presentation we will explore the concepts inherent in the Tarot Equation, giving you the numeric and mathematical keys to any and every 78 card pack you might take to hand. Rediscover the Trumps, Royals and Pips through the lens of their numbers and the internal relations the numbers represent.

Jaymi Elford
Imbibe and Divine
Kick off the Saturday night festivities early! Imbibe and Divine is a multi-sensory experience where participants explore tarot and culinary delights. Part wine-tasting and part discussion on the taboos surrounding tarot and drinking, this class seeks to explore how drinking alcohol affects tarot readings and reader abilities. No prior knowledge or reading experience is necessary. You don’t have to memorize meanings or esoteric occult lore either. Participation is encouraged but not a requirement. We’ll have a Cash-only bar so you can get your 1-2 drinks. Class limited to persons 21 and over, IDs checked at the door.

Carrie Paris
Mediumship and Tarot: Divining the Unseen
A number of tarot diviners have had their readings interrupted by unseen visitors from the Other Side. For some this can be a terrifying experience, while others view it as their introduction to mediumistic work. In this gathering we will explore the ins and outs of navigating disembodied visitors with a practice known as psychometry— a technique for divining the personal traits, messages and history from an image or object.

Backing our work will be a variety of antique photographs that we will overlay with the Relative Tarot and the latest Magpie Oracle: The Spirit Communication Kit, both of which were specifically designed for pinpointing and giving voice to the unseen. Supporting the journey will be rare, historical images of mediums at work, their stories, tools, and fascinating talent for delivering messages from the departed.

By the end of this class you will understand how to recognize, illuminate and deliver messages from the realm of spirit with accuracy and compassion. Casting kits and Relative Tarot decks will be offered for use on a first-come, first-served basis. All levels invited and encouraged.

Saturday – 6:30PM – 11PM – Buffet Dinner (Dinner Tickets: $30 online, $35 at the door), with a special belly dance performances, followed by the N.W.T.S. Cocktail Party and Social and Raffles (Free to all attendees, vendors, presenters, and volunteers!)

Sunday – March 5th

Sunday – 9AM – 10:20AM

Ethony Dawn
Your Tarot Court – A Journey of Self Discovery with the Court Cards
The Tarot Court Cards are often seen as the personalities of the Tarot deck and can be the trickiest cards to work with in a reading. Did you know that we all have aspects of each of these cards within us? Getting to know these aspects can shed new light on the Court Cards and have you reading with them in a whole new way.

In this interactive presentation we are going to explore:
~ The Court Card Archeypes
~ Your Personal Tarot Court Archetypes
~ Your Tarot Court in Love, Work and Spirituality The positive and shadow aspects of the Tarot Court Personal Pop Culture associations

There will be a workbook provided with notes and activities with this presentation.

RoseRed Robinson
Tarot and Pop Culture
We are all fans of something. We love movies and stories. But what happens when we mix our love of pop culture and cardomacy? Join Rose Red as she shares her insight into blending Pop Culture and reading as well as talk about creating spreads that will expand your connections to your quarents.

Bring your favorite fandom and we will geek out over creating spreads to use for quarents as well as your favorite internet stars. 😉

Non-human Beings in Tarot Symbolism
Tarot symbolism frequently centers on humans and our biases, dreams and activities. When animals, plants and other non-human beings are incorporated into tarot, they are frequently filtered through our interpretations of what they mean to us. How can we step back and let these non-human beings speak for themselves in our readings? Join Lupa as she puts a more nature-based themed on tarot symbolism.

Sunday – 10:45AM – 12:05PM

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Birthing Your Magical Creation
Before presenting your fabulous new deck or book to the world, you must first bring it into being. How can you add depth so that your work resonates in people’s souls? How can you add breadth so that your creation is accessible and understandable to others? How can you keep your energy up and your vision clear on a project that can go on month after month, even year after year? In this workshop, we will use tarot and meditation in exercises that will strengthen and encourage your creative heart and hands.

Mary K. Greer
Reading Tarot Reversals
Every adversity is an opportunity for gathering wisdom and understanding. Reversed cards have traditionally emphasized adversity, yet they are also our greatest keys to spiritual growth and inner knowledge. You will learn twelve ways to read upside-down Tarot cards, and the “Keyword Divination Process,” that lets you know exactly which of 280 different keywords applies in a particular case. The emphasis, however, will be on how reversals can take you into the realm of the sacred which requires total surrender to an opposing point of view, reversing your consciousness, and imagining differently. Learn to see below surface appearances to the true center of the Self. Discover reversals as one of the great gifts of Tarot.

Lisa de St. Croix
Tarot Visual Journaling with Lisa de St. Croix, deck creator
Tarot Visual Journaling is a creative exploration into tarot through art play and journal writing. Tap into your own deep well of wisdom and discover new personal insights during this fun workshop. Mini Tarot de St. Croix cards and other supplies will be provided.

Sunday – 1:45PM – 3:05PM

Lenormand Study Group
Practice reading the Lenormand with a partner while getting advice and insight from professional Lenormand teachers, readers, and authors.

Julia Hesse
Living The Tarot
After introducing just a few tarot concepts, Julia will facilitate activities that can activate the cards’ meanings in surprising and profound ways. These activities are drawn from the Living Tarot Oracle™ training, are both individual and groups, and are similar to theater games.
Expect to have fun, be amazed. and deepen your tarot wisdom from a place of heart that will complement your mental knowledge.

Andrew McGregor
Magick and Healing Within the Tarot Reading Process
Have you ever noticed how sometimes just doing a reading can seem to change things for the better? First, it can acknowledge our suffering and help us understand it. Second, it shows us the path through our problems. However, once we realize that tarot is a miracle that can transform us right in the in the middle of our struggles, it can also heal us. It can free us from the burden of being miserable – even if our life is miserable around us. It can resolve old hurts and change our patterns. It can give us the strength to deal with anything life has thrown at us.

In this workshop we will go on a journey that explores new ways of relating to the cards as vehicles of hope and the reading itself as a vehicle of healing. At the core of this approach healing is brought about by creating a sublime experience where the client feels their eternal nature. We can call this energy many things. Some call it source, the holy guardian angel, the higher-self, or the unchanging eternal core of their being. This way of working pulls out the most transformative tools in the tarot – exploring at the edge of card reading where tarot becomes magick.

Sunday – 4PM – 5PM – Closing Ceremony – Last Raffle – Art Auction Closes at 4PM

Sunday – 5:30PM – 8:30PM
Movie showing: Scoop!