2018 Vendors

Our vending room is now full for the 2018 tarot conference. Here are our wonderful vendors:

The Guiding Tree

Independently published tarot and oracle decks, statuary, home decor, clothing, The Cartomancer magazine, a selection of decks from US Games, Llewellyn, and Schiffer Publishing, and other goodies!


divine Muses

The Antiquarian Tarot Gold (Ltd Gilded Edition) and Antiquarian Tarot Companion Guidebook will be available. Also on hand will be the Antiquarian Lenormand in poker and miniature sizes. Self-published by local Portland reader & practitioner of the healing arts, Maree Bento, LMT. 

New offering this year: divination jewelry. Also, come take a look at sample cards from the upcoming Divine Muses Oracle! 



Rosarium Blends

Hand-crafted incense blends, talismanic perfumes and perfume oils, Erotic Apothecary Aphrodisiac line, hand-carved wooden chests, and more.


Global Mineral

Rocks! Minerals, crystals, pendulums, museum quality stone pieces, and more.


The Green Wolf

Ritual tools and other art from hides, bones and other natural materials, pagan books, and a tarot deck in the works!


Amaris Rising

Elegant brocade drawstring tarot bags and cloths, zippered tarot bags, messenger bags, and totes.


Clear Water Clinic (Massage Garden)

Two licensed massage therapists will be providing chair massage in a private space in the Massage Garden.

Crystal Quarry

Crystals, rocks, minerals in tumbled, carved and natural forms, chakra sets, runes, points, clusters, spheres, and much more.


Xela Opus

New Earth Tarot first and second editions, tarot books and decks, crystals, healing kits, and crystal jewelry.


Lip Sense

Amazing Lips by Tess. SeneGence Independent distributor of Lip Sense, a long lasting, lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours. Waterproof, kissproof, smudge proof, wax free, lead free, and not tested on animals.

Facebook: Amazing Lips by Tess

Wild Gypsy Realm and Circle of Healing Aromatherapy

Crystals and gemstones, jewelry and beads, amulets and talismans, tarot cards, essential oil remedies (roll ons for pain relief, skincare, allergies, digestive issues, and custom blends), and readings.




Tarot aromatherapy sprays, potions, massage oils, clearing sprays, and lip balm.


Plum Deluxe Tea

Organic, loose leaf teas and accessories (artisan honey, infusers, and other gifts for tarot + tea lovers) hand-blended locally using fresh, fair trade ingredients.


Geranium Press

Books, tarot and enneagram artwork, new book: The Fool’s Excellent Adventure: A Hero’s Journey through the Enneagram and Tarot. Come by and talk with me about the tarot, the enneagram, or both!


White Rabbit Productions

White Rabbit Oracle – 60 card collage-art deck. Oracle of Shadows – 34 card digital collage oracle. Victorian Gothic Lenormand – 39 card lenormand digital collage. White Rabbit Lenormand – 40 card digital collage lenormand. Kitsch Lenormand – 40 card 1950’s flavored digital collage lenormand. (At The NWTS / Guiding Tree Booth)



Christine Payne-Towler and Toni Gilbert

Books, decks, and readings by Christine Payne-Towler and Toni Gilbert.



Readings…And More!

Tarot readings, Hebrew Lots, Psychometry, Reiki healings, and a Kabbalistic-based energy healing technique called Kadmoniyot Lightning Flash Healing. Hand-decorated tarot bags, tankards and goblets, keepsake boxes, jewelry, wearables, brooms, wands, and more.


The Cartomancer and US Games

The Cartomancer tarot, lenormand, and oracle magazine. US Games tarot deck publisher.



Schiffer Publishing

The Schiffer table will feature both their recent and classic divination titles.


Tarot with Regina

I use Law of Attraction teachings with the tarot to get a snap shot of how an individual is attracting energy. The reading helps line ones thoughts up with the goals of their higher-self.


Rare Earth Designs and Heartsong Healing Arts

We specialize in making interfaith spiritual arts such as wooden journals, travel altar boxes, calligraphy pens, runes, ogham staves, pendulum boards, drums on upcycled hoops, apothecary cases, and natural uplifting and clearing incense and herbs. Sarah offers short readings and healing sessions. We also promote educational events we offer to the community including helping people make their own spiritual working tools.


Aura and Chakra Imaging by Chakra Coach

Carolyn White PhD is a chakra life coach, author, speaker, and aura photographer. Together with her husband Gerry, she blends modern science with ancient wisdom. We provide an aura/chakra photo and reading–a scientific assessment of the state of your body, mind, and spirit combined with our intuitive guidance. Carolyn also offers her spiritual self-help and metaphysical books for sale.



Psycards USA & Moonwise Mystic

Psycards is a 40-card oracle deck based on Jungian archetypes. Developed in London by Nick Hobson and lavishly illustrated my Maggie Kneed, the cards are imported and distributed by Catt Foy, author of “Psycards – A New Alternative to Tarot”.


I am doing readings, which consist of  hand drawn aura portraits in soft pastel chalk, and selling quartz crystals, stones, leather bags, hand wrapped quartz crystal  stone pendants, pendulums, and other items.


Earth and Sky Divination

Want a different and one of a kind reading? Sandra created a customized divination that incorporates crystals (earth) and astrology (sky). She also offers tarot and rune readings.

Offering magical charm bags, crystal grids, jewelry, handmade runes, inscribed candles, and wide selection of crystals.


InnerVoice & Luis Navarrete

Handmade gemstone jewelry infused with positive energy, pendulums, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Various crystals and stones. Psychic/Medium/Channeling Readings.

Matrix Energetics and Intuitive healing. I have the ability to help people through energy healing. I can sense and perceive other people’s energy, and have the ability to transform old, stuck energy patterns into different, more positive patterns. We can work on physical, emotional, and spiritual or energetic issues.




78 Tarot

Kayti Welsh, founder of 78 Tarot, and independent artist Joanna Nelson Studio are teaming up to bring you a booth filled with their self-published Tarot and Oracle decks, Art and Accessories! 78 Tarot is a Global Art Collaboration that creates annual themed collaborative tarot decks. Joanna Nelson is the creator of Monstarot and Cat Land Oracle. We will have original art and prints!


Weaving Oneness and Miniature Wytche Tarot

Textiles and accoutrements for the modern spiritual practitioner. Hand dyed and printed tarot card bags, altar cloths, amulet bags and more. Intuitive tarot readings by a Wiccan High Priestess with 35 years experience.


Creature Comforts

Fair trade, eclectic, colorful clothing; singing bowls and bells; spiritual artifacts; children’s fairy dresses.


Journeys Into Wholeness

Unique creations for YOUR journey. OOAK, metal key pendants with charms and crystal embellishments. Fairies, mermaids, dragons, skulls, steampunk, totem animals, pendulums, mini terrariums, handmade journals and travelers journals, shaman drums, medicine bags, and sacred smudge fans.


CollecTarot and Books

Tarot decks, books and artwork; specializing in limited edition and classic reproduction decks from small publishers such as Meneghello, Editions Sivilixi, Giordano Berti’s  Rinascemento Italian Art, Malpertuis Designs, Pablo Robledo and more.


Crystal Stardust Gifts

Crystals hearts, spheres, wands, palm stones, aura quartz, carved gemstone animals and totems, gemstone jewelry, pendulums, incense holders, stickers, socks, white sage, abalone shells and more!


The Raven’s Wing

Local Portland shop that will be vending crystals and stones, candles, smudge supplies, divination supplies, handmade body products, bells and chimes, and salt lamps.


T and T Creations

Wood burned prayers, wood burned handcrafted spirit boards, variety of metaphysical items.

Pamela Steele – Tarot Readings

Tarot readings with artist, presenter, and creator of the Steele Wizard Tarot and Wizard’s Pets Tarot.


Beth Seilonen

Small edition handcrafted tarot and lenormand decks. Hand-painted lenormand boards and cloths. Divination/casting boards. Decks by Beth Seilonen.


Gaean Allusions Pottery

Wheel-thrown, hand-decorated utilitarian stoneware, goblets, mugs, plates, jars, bowls, etc. Made by the Betts family: Godfrey, Karen and Freya. Rune sets and Amulets as well!


Wizard Azanon

Starseed Oracle card deck: a powerful tool for a new Aquarian Age, initiating upgrades in consciousness and galactic connections. Ascension Amulets: transformational pendants for spiritual activations .


Soapy Business

All natural holistic body products for the body, mind, and soul.


Noel Arthur Heimpel

The Numinous Tarot is and inclusive, queer, feminist deck and guidebook that celebrates they mysticism and magic of the every day. Stickers, prints, and original watercolors also available.


Maxine Miller Studios

New release: Oracle of the Ancient Celts: The Dalriada deck. Magickal Botanical prints series. Mini-poster color print.




Pashmina wool, cashmere, silk, and cotton scarves brought back from Thailand for attire or reading cloths. Jewelry with Tree of Life, Hamsa hand, Flower of Life, Yin Yang, and other designs.

Hammer and Nail

Custom made tarot/divination tables, and more.