2019 Conference Schedule

Friday – March 1st

10AM – 1PM – Mary K. Greer – “A Jungian Approach to Tarot”


Note: this is the Friday Extension and you’ll need a special ticket to enter this presentation.

Friday 3hr Workshop with PowerPoint Presentation

Of all the different psychological theories in the West, that of Carl Jung stands out as most applicable to tarot. Jung wrote about tarot on several occasions, seeing it as depicting archetypes of transformation like those found in myths, dreams and alchemy. Late in life, Jung formed a group that would use divinatory techniques, including tarot, to examine an individual’s situation such that the knowledge gathered would integrate and reveal what the Self thought of the incident. In this workshop you’ll discover practical Jungian techniques that provide doorways into the significance of the cards for a particular person and situation. You’ll learn what Jung himself thought of tarot and how to relate to his map of the psyche to a reading. By exploring how the “Fool’s Journey” parallels Jung’s all-important individuation process you’ll help a person recognize the task asked of them in the current stage of their life journey. And you’ll practice using these concepts through related spreads for self and others.

Friday – 3PM Presentations

Dawn Lynn

Friday 3PM – Embracing the Court Cards

The Court Cards are often considered the most difficult cards in the Tarot to interpret. Why? For one, many assume these cards represent a person in the sitters life. It can, but not always. Additionally, unlike the imagery on other cards which tell a story, the Court Cards simply show an individual not an action. This can give the reader little to work with. As a result, many new readers attempt to memorize the cards’ meanings. Unfortunately, remembering the detailed description of each card is hard for the new, and even seasoned reader. But, it doesn’t have to be!

In this lecture, Dawn Lynn will help you embrace and have fun with the Court Cards. You will learn simple techniques on how to associate each of the Court Card, gain a new appreciation of the symbology of the cards, and gain tips on how to determine whether the Court Cards represent the seeker, individuals within the seeker’s life or an energy regarding a situation or environment.

Melissa Cynova

Friday 3PM – Elements – Readings to Reset Your Life

Melissa will walk you through some of the spreads and exercises found in her new book, “Tarot Elements – Five Readings to Reset Your Life”. These readings can help you get back to the basics in your life. Whether it’s home (Earth), mind (Air), body (Fire), heart (Water) or Soul (Spirit), these readings aim to clarify your goals and release those things that no longer serve you.

Murray Porath

Friday 3PM – Tarot and Kabbalah: An Introduction

In the mid-Nineteenth Century, Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant (1810-1875) recognized correspondences between Tarot and Kabbalah: correspondences accepted and expanded in the Tarots of the Golden Dawn, A. E. Waite, Paul Foster Case, and Aleister Crowley. Kabbalah is one of the many languages used by Tarot. This workshop will expand your vocabulary by imparting a basic knowledge of Kabbalah, correspondences with Tarot, and a framework for you to develop further your own insights. The workshop will be taught from the Rider/A. E. Waite/Patricia Coleman Smith Deck.

Kristine Gorman

Friday 3PM – Shaking the Tree Spread-For Readers to Read Themselves

Shaking the Tree Spread with Visionary Woman Tarot’s own Kristine Gorman. Let’s do something for YOU!! A multi-deck, intuition tickling spread for readers to read themselves. This hands-on workshop is a fun way to create a Mantra using tarot cards from different decks! This Mantra for the current moment a gift from your unconscious! What will your cards say to you? Unconventional and abstract thinking lets your traditional definitions fall like leaves. All levels welcome.

Friday – 5PM Presentations

Anne Walner

Friday 5PM – OMG I Can Read Lenormand!

After 20 minutes, the first words out of one of my student’s mouth was “OMG, I can read Lenormand.” She was over the moon, and replied that my technique was short, easy to follow, and well executed.

All of you Wannabe Lenormand Readers should be excited to take this workshop so you can let go of your doubts and anxieties, and leave the teaching to me. My motto is KISS “Keep It Simple Sages.”

Dazmond Natalie Moravec

Friday 5PM – Astrology of the Minor Arcana: The 36 Decans

What are the decans? Cards 2-10 of each suit are associated with an astrological sign and a planetary ruler. They are known as the decans: an ancient tradition that divides the zodiac into 36 equal parts. Far from being an intellectual distraction for the intuitive reader, the decans open a portal into a world that is rich in symbolism and mystical imagery. Join me to learn about these connections and how it can deepen your relationship to the pips.

Friday 5PM – Panel: Artists and Authors

MOD: Callie French

Jaymi Elford

Melissa Cynova

Kendra Hurteau

Richard Hartnett

Sage Lee

If you’re pretty sure that you have the makings of a great book on Divination, or you want to know how to get your art noticed in the Tarot crowd and become published, then this is the panel for you. We’ve put together the people who’ve been there, done that, and are willing to answer your questions. The process of being published may be a bit overwhelming, so bring your concerns, confusion, and conundrums to the panel for a lively and open Q&A!

Alia Shanti

Friday 5PM – Dream Awake YOUR Purpose

The Dream Awake tarot experience explores topics that tap into the indigenous frequency, practices dream catching with the Inner child, and embodies Intuitive Wisdom.

Through improv, photography, song, and play we all awaken to a renewed breath of life.

Friday Meet and Greet – Monarch Hall – Vending Room – 6:30PM – 9PM

Saturday – 9AM Presentations & Vending Opens

Jenna Roberts

Saturday 9AM – Clairvoyant Skills Workout

Energize your various intuitive abilities through activating exercises that tap into the expanse of your senses. Observe how you can develop more awareness of the unknown fields, and also condition your familiar abilities to improve divination readings. This will be a fun, interactive exposé into knowing yourself and the paths of wisdom available to us all.

Renna Shesso

Saturday 9AM – The Fool’s (Shamanic) Journey

So many Tarot decks now feature animals! Hoof and horn, fish and fowl, the animal-world has crept (flown, slithered…) into the Tarot, even taking over entire decks. Many decks also bring in the elements, plant-life, and other forces of nature in exciting, very animistic ways. While this makes for exquisite artwork, these cards can be challenging to read in human terms.

We’ll explore ways to more fully engage the animal/natural-world symbolism and energies in these cards, no matter which animal/nature-rich deck you’re working with. We’ll have some card/deck overviews, look at some unique tarot spreads, and especially get a taste of shamanic journeying as a means of connecting directly with these creatures and energies.

Richard Hartnett

Saturday 9AM – Learning to Read Those Cards That You Hate

Everyone has cards that are troublesome for them. For some its reversed cards, others struggle with court cards, and for many certain Major Arcana cards just push their buttons. In this class we will face all the demons and take back our oracle power!

Susie Chang

Saturday 9AM – Writing Magic into Your Life with Tarot Correspondences

You already know that every tarot deck holds secrets: elemental, astrological, kabbalistic correspondences hidden in plain sight. Maybe you work with elemental dignities or other advanced interpretive techniques. But did you know that you can use those same correspondences to create everyday magic?

With nothing but pen, paper, and the divine gift of language, you can turn your card of the day into a powerful spell in the form of a couplet or haiku. You can craft potent rites of transformation and even draw up your own recipes for magical workings. Call down fire with the 9 of Wands for the strength and stamina to conquer your inbox! Invoke Mercury and the 6 of Swords for safe travels! Where you find your inner wordsmith, you’ll find your inner magician too.

Saturday – 10:45AM Presentations

Saturday 10:45AM – Panel: Dudes In Tarot

MOD: Jay DeForest

Andrew Robinson

Cade Burkhammer

Fred West

This discussion is centered on what it’s like to be a dude in the tarot business, which is a woman dominated realm. Join us for a unique perspective on tarot.

Jaymi Elford

Saturday 10:45AM – Tarot as a Transformative Rite

Feeling stagnant? Unsure of what new goals to pursue in your life? Get ready to use your tarot (or oracle) deck to bring lasting transformations to you. Tarot is a wonderful tool for manifesting the life we want. Let Jaymi Elford show you the spreads and monthly rituals to help you manifest your goals and dreams. We’ll be learning how to set good goals, learning the basics of altar creation and ritual crafting to design your own personal year long (12-month) goal manifestation rite. Bring a tarot deck, your bucket list, and the willingness to share your ideas with others!

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

Saturday 10:45AM – Cartomancy in a Time of Chaos

How can we find and follow a desirable path into our future when chaos is so much at hand, remaking the future day by day? We are oracles and cartomancers—what can we do when the future is more squirrelly than usual? What can we do to keep our predictions on track? And to keep our faith in our tools and senses and skills?

In this workshop we will practice techniques of attention and imagination, of centering and expanding, of magic and logic, all to help us see what we need to see in challenging times.

Angela Kaufman

Saturday 10:45AM – Queen Up! Living in Alignment with the Tarot Queens for Personal Empowerment

Metaphysical meets modern to help you reconnect with your powers of creativity, confidence, passion and abundance.

Discover the four core energies within, personified by the Tarot Queens. This class is a fresh look at the archetypal powers of the Queens and how they embody aspects of our personalities. By learning to work with the energies of the Queens, participant will begin to actively call upon dynamic powers within and in nature in order to create lives of creativity, abundance, love and courage. Expand beyond society’s labels and live in connection with intuition and inner wisdom.

Learn to activate your powers of creativity and communication with the Queen of Wands, courage and motivation with the Queen of Swords, love and intuition with the Queen of Cups, and health and abundance with the Queen of Pentacles. All levels are welcome.

Lunch & Raffles – Monarch Hall 12:05PM – 1:45PM

Saturday – 1:45PM Presentations

Kendra Hurteau

Saturday 1:45PM – Killin’ It with Lenormand Cards

Join us as we thoroughly cover the groundwork of Lenormand cards, discuss the reason why combinations are so important, how they work in large spreads, and do some fun exercises with the cards.

Mellissae Lucia

Saturday 1:45PM – Peephole Portals: Dilated Doorway Divination

Peek into the radical messages hidden in the imagery of your decks through the enchanting Peephole Portals process. In this innovative journey into isolating specific signs and symbols within your cards, you will gain a richer understanding of how to decipher and actualize the guidance in your readings. The process works through the power of paradox: through the small being mighty, through the obscured being the clearest readings, through the expansion available when the messages are consciously constricted. Creative Conduit Mellissae Lucia is known for offering raucously fun divination activities that always utilize deep play. You will never look at your cards the same way again. Please bring your favorite Oracle or Tarot decks to use as the foundation for this process.

Jadzia DeForest

Saturday 1:45PM – Deck Creation: The Technical Side

You’ve created a deck, or are thinking that you might want to one day. The process was amazing as you explored your creativity and intuition. Now it’s time to get it printed. What do you need to know about that process?

This presentation will cover in detail the technical aspects of deck preparation for printing. Including graphic design and printer terminology, card stock and packaging options, common mistakes to avoid, what makes a deck retail ready, and so much more.

Deck samples will be included, so that you can feel the different card stock weights and box designs.


Fredrick West

Saturday 1:45PM – Tarot Squared, Updating the Celtic Cross into the 21st Century

A modern modification on the Celtic Cross spread that come in every Little White Book (LWB). The updates allow us to see the relationships with the cards better. This spread also helps to address the “But what are my next right steps” question that often occurs after a reading.

Saturday – 3:30PM Presentations

Jay DeForest

Saturday 3:30PM – Practical Shapeshifting and Tarot

Shapeshifting… It’s more than myth, legend or make-believe. It is a real life skill that anyone can learn to enhance the quality of their life, empower themselves to achieve their goals, and generally “be more” on many levels. Jay has been teaching Shapeshifting for over 20 years. In this session, you will learn the basic concepts and techniques for this skill, and how to apply them to the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

This is more than just contemplating a card and the pretty picture. It is about learning to physically “shift” yourself to become what you need, in body, mind and spirit, in ways that you may never have tried before. This workshop will show you how to examine the powerful archetypes portrayed in the Majors, identify the key components of each, and use them to change your shape at will, to suit your personal needs.

Cade Burkhammer

Saturday 3:30PM – The Wise Fool Tarot by Cade Burkhammer

The class will include the personal journey of creating a traditional/postmodern Tarot deck and book. Cade will explain why the added cards, the many characteristics of the Minor cards, and the Fool’s/Hero’s journey carried throughout the Major and Minor suits

Jennifer Lucero-Earle

Saturday 3:30PM – Dancing with The Devil: A Somatic Exploration of the Shadow

Somatic means “relating to the body.” The body is not only where we experience life, it is the frontier of our transformation. What if you knew your clients could understand more deeply the physical imprint their shadow leaves on their bodies? What if they could mobilize that raw shadow energy and transform it, like an alchemist, into something new?

This experiential workshop brings the tarot to life through the body.

You will learn how to translate shadow language into a deep and wide somatic experience. The Devil will serve as our archetypal guide as we move to the rhythms of the shadow, appreciate its lessons and discover new ways to use its physical energy.

ArcanaDance, created by Jennifer Lucero-Earle, is a therapeutic practice designed to facilitate self-discovery, empowerment, transformation & healing through a fusion of tarot, guided movement & music. No tarot or dance experience required.

Callie L. French

Saturday 3:30PM – What are You Really Meant to Do in Life?

Knowing what your lifetime challenge is, and the solution to it could answer a lot of those “What do I do now?” situations in life. Using astrology and numerology combined to unlock a simple pathway into the Tarot can open up doors and give a perspective to fundamental issues.

As unique as your Sun & Rising sign combination, you’ll find that the Major Arcana can pin-point your Personal Life Challenge, The Solution to the Challenge and the Means to the Solution. Come – let’s find out yours!

Saturday Entertainment, Awards, & Dinner – Ballroom 6:30PM

Sunday – 9AM Presentations & Vending Opens

Charles Harrington

Sunday 9AM – Marketing 101 For Tarot Readers

How can a few basic marketing concepts empower you as a professional reader? It’s common for mystical folks to feel a little queasy around terms like branding, messaging and target demographic, but in this workshop we are diving in head first and fearlessly exploring these subjects. You will learn to think about and speak about yourself and your practice in a way that brings clarity and connection to your potential clientele. Marketing is not a four letter word (it really isn’t – look it’s nine letters)!


Sunday 9AM – The Power of Numerology and the Elemental Energies in the Tarot

Through working with the magic of Numerology and the Elemental energies that flow through the tarot, one can find the message of the cards with ease. These magical influences create a powerful foundation for all diviners. How does the number 1 influence the message of The Magician? Come and journey through these magical energies of the Tarot with Ailynn.

Sage Lee

Sunday 9AM – The Royals and the Enneagram, A New Way to Understand and Master the Court Cards

The enneagram studies personalities from the point of our habits of attention. The Tarot royals also deal with personalities, and forms of mastery associated with those personalities. Often the court cards are hard to understand in a reading. The court cards are each associated with a form of mastery and a metaphysical world or an enneagram type, and understanding this can unlock layers of hidden meaning each time you draw a royal. You can master the court cards. Get a full-color chart mapping the enneagram onto the court cards, and participate in a fun discovery process to get the hidden meaning of the court cards in your bones.The enneagram studies personalities based on our habits of attention. The Tarot also presents personalities, and the forms of mastery associated with those personalities. Often the court cards are hard to understand in a reading. The court cards are associated with 1. a form of mastery and 2. a metaphysical world or an enneagram type.

Understanding this map can unlock layers of hidden meaning each time you draw a royal. You can master the court cards in a completely different way. Get a full-color chart mapping the enneagram onto the court cards, and participate in a fun discovery process to get the hidden meaning of the court cards in your bones.

Judy Dale

Sunday 9AM – Using the Tarot to Interpret Dreams

Dreams are messages directly from the unconscious. In a Tarot reading the reader uses symbols to help unlock the unconscious mind. When we combine Tarot with a dream, a conversation emerges between the symbols in the dream and the symbols on the cards. Through this conversation we receive more insight into the meaning of the dream, allowing us to journey deeper and deeper into the dream to give us fresh ways to look at our lives.

In this interactive workshop, Judy Dale will demonstrate a method of using Tarot to interpret any dream. You will see how Tarot can help you understand dreams by using information you already have about the cards to inform the dream. You will then have an opportunity to use this method to work with one of your own dreams. This session will be both informative and fun and you will leave with an easy method of using the magical gifts of the Tarot with any of your own dreams, the dreams of your friends, and the dreams of your clients!

Sunday – 10:45AM Presentations

Rose Red Robinson

Sunday 10:45AM – Using Tarot to Create Characters for Your Next Project or RPG

We all get stuck when trying to create characters for our next writing project or role playing game. What will be their motivation?

Why are they doing the things they might be doing?


We will work with the Tarot to create characters that you can then go on to use in your own work or gaming community. This will be an interactive class, so plan to chat with your neighbor to expand the possibilities of what you see in the spread you create.


Sunday 10:45AM – Tarot Rituals and Creating Sacred Space for Readings

Tarot cards can be used in a variety of ways and one of those can be in ritual and for creating sacred space for those conducting and receiving a Tarot Reading.

In this lecture Ethony is going to explore the use of Tarot as a ritual companion and share ideas and small rituals that you can bring into your own Tarot practice to enhance your readings for yourself, loved ones and your clients. By using the Tarot as a sacred tool a deeper level of healing, revelation and understanding can occur.

Michelle Welch

Sunday 10:45AM – Storeowner Insights for Deck Success

Do you have a great idea for a tarot deck? Do you spend most of your time trying to figure how to get it published? Do you know lots of fellow tarot collectors and scholars? All of these things are fantastic but what about store owners? Have you ever thought that they are the ones who really recommend what deck to buy? They have the ear of the new paradigm customer and yes, the customers are new! These new customers listen to the local shop owners. They may be your best sales representatives if you make just a little effort.

As the owner of two rapidly growing metaphysical stores, SoulTopia, LLC owner Michelle Welch is uniquely positioned to provide unique insight into what the true “new paradigm” customers look for in tarot cards. While collecting cards and acquiring scholastic knowledge of the cards is interesting and admirable, it is not necessarily what is selling tarot cards in stores. Find out what types of cards are selling in stores, how to make them, market them, and promote them to really sell. Also find out how stores can help you make money in this business!

Pamela Steele

Sunday 10:45AM – How to Deal with Cranky Pants Customers

Most who come for tarot readings are open, curious genuine seekers who are truly looking for guidance. Then there’s the 1 in 500 (give or take) whose very presence is nearly combatant from the moment their butts hit the chair.

This workshop is designed to gain insights as to Why these people sit down with the seeming intent to make your life a living hell and cause you to question your skills as a reader. From personality types to control dramas, this workshop will hopefully give you the tools needed to deal with obstinant or confrontational clients. Besides telling them to sod off and kicking them out of your tent.

Sunday – 1:45PM Presentations

Sunday 1:45PM – Lenormand Study Group

Mary K. Greer

Kendra Hurteau

Anne Walner

Are you somewhere in the process of learning to read the Lenormand cards? This study group is the opportunity to delve into that Grand Tableau, in a supportive and instructive environment, with fellow students. The best way to learn, is to do. So come join us!

Grace Sequoia

Sunday 1:45PM – The Practitioner’s Spread – Using Tarot to Understand Cause & Effect on Our Health & Well-Being

This spread is a powerful tool for Practitioners and Readers. A 21-card spread with 7 read-sections, to delve into the subtle energy systems of the body, and understand how a person’s life choices are impacting the health and well-being of the body. The modalities you understand, the more in depth a reading you can offer clients and you the Practitioner.

Julia Hesse

Sunday 1:45PM – Living Tarot Oracle: An Invitation To Embodiment Of The Cards

This experiential workshop will leave behind lectures and memorizations and instead the participants will engage archetypal energies of the major arcana cards through the invitational activities of contemplation, visualization, movement and games. Yes games! The participants become the living cards and will offer their insight and wisdom to the others. Come prepared to laugh and move and be amazed at what is possible.

Madame Pamita

Sunday 1:45PM – Making Magic with Your Tarot Deck

Did you know that the Lovers card can be used to help you let go of an unhealthy partnership? A Hermit card stuck in your shoe can help you pass an exam? The “disastrous” Tower card can actually be called upon to give you a limousine ride to your best destiny?

While many people are aware that the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot is an amazing system for accessing deep spiritual wisdom, what most haven’t realized is that it’s also a powerful and practical tool for manifesting all that we dream and desire. Go beyond the valley of the fortune teller and us your tarot deck to manifest your best life.

Final Raffle & Closing – 3:05PM – 5PM

Monday – 8AM to 6PM Professional Development Extension

Presenters: Jenna Matlin, Christiana Gaudet, Jay DeForest, and Jadzia DeForest

The Professional Development Extension is a full day intensive with both morning and afternoon presentations, and a catered lunch included. Whether you are a long-time professional reader, or just beginning to build a business, this single track program will target topics uniquely geared toward helping you increase productivity and profits, while streamlining your business and avoiding costly pitfalls.

Read more about this workshop, by clicking here.

Note: The Professional Development Extension is an add-on ticket, which can be purchased for $240. Click here to register.