Keynote Presenter Extension

The Keynote Presenter for NWTS 2019 Will be Mary K. Greer.

Here presentation will be from 10AM-1PM on Friday Morning, March 1st.  and the topic will be…

“A Jungian Approach to Tarot”

Of all the different psychological theories in the West, that of Carl Jung stands out as most applicable to tarot.

Jung wrote about tarot on several occasions, seeing it as depicting archetypes of transformation like those found in myths, dreams and alchemy. Late in life, Jung formed a group that would use divinatory techniques, including tarot, to examine an individual’s situation such that the knowledge gathered would integrate and reveal what the Self thought of the incident.

In this workshop you’ll discover practical Jungian techniques that provide doorways into the significance of the cards for a particular person and situation. You’ll learn what Jung himself thought of tarot and how to relate to his map of the psyche to a reading. By exploring how the “Fool’s Journey” parallels Jung’s all-important individuation process you’ll help a person recognize the task asked of them in the current stage of their life journey. And you’ll practice using these concepts through related spreads for self and others.

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Note: The Keynote Presenter Extension is only available with a paid registration for either the basic NWTS Weekend Pass, or the Friday Day Pass, as an optional add-on. It is not included with the any other Day Passes, and it is not available by itself.

Keynote Presenter Extension

As we have done each year, NWTS strives to bring keynote presenters who among the most knowledgeable experts in the cartomancy community. Consequently, their presentations are often packed to overflowing, while the presenters in the same time slot have much lower attendance. Also, there is a significant extra expense associated with bringing those presenters to NWTS.

In consideration of both of those points, we are creating a special time for the keynote speaker’s presentation on Friday morning. This will be an extra long presentation slot in a larger room, with no other speakers scheduled at the same time. This way, everyone who wants to attend the keynote presentation can do so with ample room and without missing any other presentations.

In order to make this possible, we have an optional "Keynote Presenter Extension" item that can be added onto the base registration for $35. The majority of that amount will go directly to the presenter, with a small portion going to cover the added venue costs for the room adjustments. The Keynote Presenter Extension is only available with the regular registration for NWTS, either for the full weekend, or the Friday single day registration.

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