Professional Development Extension

The Professional Development Extension is a full day intensive with both morning and afternoon presentations, and a catered lunch included. Whether you are a long-time professional reader, or just beginning to build a business, this single track program will target topics uniquely geared toward helping you increase productivity and profits, while streamlining your business and avoiding costly pitfalls.

Have Tarot ~ Be Stellar ~ Create Fortune

Spend the day deeply involved in the workings of your practice with four full time successful tarot practitioners. Build community in small groups with peers and colleagues as you define goals, build skills and increase confidence.

Join facilitators Jenna Matlin, Christiana Gaudet, Jadzia DeForest and Jay DeForest for this day-long intensive as they present techniques and information that will help you build a strong and successful professional reading business. Topics will include…

~ The Pressure Cooker ~
In small groups, present a pressure point (i.e. a challenge) in building or running your practice or achieving your goals. Each group will have the opportunity to work with two of our four leading professionals to help each person solve their problems and innovate new solutions.
~ Presenting your Practice Authentically Online ~
By the end of this technical (but approachable) session, you will learn how to optimize your website for search engines and build a social media presence that supports your business goals.
~ Parties, Festivals and Corporate Events ~
Learn how you can expand your business beyond private consultation readings to include more open environments ranging from small parties with a few people to large company events with hundreds of people, as well as public fairs and festivals. It requires some adjustments, but for those who enjoy it, the results can be fun and profitable.
~ Old School Marketing Techniques for the Digital Age ~
Marketing is magical. Names, symbols, and words have power. Learn how to combine business cards, press releases, and the internet with energy techniques to increase your reach and your success.
~ Tell the World Who You Are ~
Online, in print, and in-person spaces all require a bio. A bio is used to persuade your audience, craft the tone of your work, and create interest and invite connection. In this quick workshop, you will create a bio for your website, your social media, and a third person bio for media and events.
~ Referrals and Repeats ~
All the marketing in the world means nothing unless you create amazing sessions with your clients. Learn how to bring a reading back from the brink, how to navigate clients with negativity bias and shift your language so that your clients are on the same page. What do you do when they say no and your cards are saying emphatically, yes? Learning to navigate these challenges means having clients that will come again and refer all their friends!

This program is intended for both experienced professionals looking to grow their business and network with other professional readers, and for those who are just beginning to set up a professional reading business.
This all day seminar runs from 8:00AM – 6:00PM on Monday March 4, 2019. A catered lunch and coffee & tea are included in the registration price. Registration for the Northwest Tarot Symposium weekend event is NOT REQUIRED to attend the Monday Professional Development Extension. The price for this extension without the rest of the NWTS registration is $240.00

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Jenna Matlin   As a full time tarot professional in the Philadelphia area, Jenna sees clients one to one, reads at parties and corporate events, attends festivals, teaches classes on tarot and has an all around good time. Jenna is the author of “Have Tarot Will Travel“, in addition to her reading business.


Christiana Gaudet   For more than twenty years, Christiana has been a full-time tarot professional, offering readings and mentoring by phone, webcam and in-person from her office in Palm City, Florida. Christiana has been a popular psychic entertainer on radio and television, and at parties and special events. Her first book, “Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know” is considered an industry standard for tarot professionals. The award-winning expanded Second Edition was released in December 2017.


Jadzia DeForest is the Director and Co-Producer of the Northwest Tarot Symposium. When not planning the conference, she reads tarot professionally online, and at events with her husband Jay. Jadzia also teaches classes on both tarot and astrology. She is the co-author of the Living Magick Learning Cards series and is currently working on her first book project.


Jay DeForest In addition to being the Co-Producer of the Northwest Tarot Symposium, throughout the rest of the year, Jay does professional Tarot and Rune readings at fairs, festival, corporate and private parties, and online. With Jadzia, he is also the co-author of the Living Magick Learning Cards series.

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