Z 2020 Vendor List

We are happy to have an amazing list of Readers, Authors, Artists, Healers, and so many more coming to offer their goods and services this year in the NWTS Metaphysical Market and Psychic Fair!

This area of the event is open to registered NWTS attendees and the general public from 9AM-5PM on Saturday and Sunday. (Also open 2PM-8PM on Friday for NWTS registered attendees only.)

Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) Booth
Raffles and raffle tickets, event merchandise, Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle decks, hand-made journals, books, and more!

The Guiding Tree
Tarot decks, Living Magick Learning Cards, Millennial Gaia statues, books, mythological art, and more. www.TheGuidingTree.com

Living Magick Publishing
Living Magick Learning Cards, self study flash cards for learning Tarot, Lenormand, Astrology, Runes, Crystals & Stones, Palmistry, and Kaballah’s Tree of Life, as well as books by Jadzia and Jay DeForest, “Behind the Fortune Teller’s Tent: A Complete Business Guide to Fortune Telling at Parties and Events” and “Card, Deck, Book & Box: A Dry and Unwitty Guide to Creating a Great Product”www.LivingMagick.com

Global Mineral
Rocks! Minerals, crystals, pendulums, museum quality stone pieces, tarot themed shot glasses, glassware, and more. www.GlobalMineral.com

The Wild Empress
Devotional art, talismanic jewelry, tarot and Oracle decks, hand forged offering bowls and accessories. www.WildEmpressMagic.com

Natural Earth and Body Inc
Natural skin care products and herbal teas. A full line of spa products.www.GiftsFromTheEarth.com

Aura and Chakra Imaging by Chakra Coach
Carolyn White PhD is a chakra life coach, author, speaker, and aura photographer. providing an aura/chakra photo and reading–a scientific assessment of the state of your body, mind, and spirit combined with our intuitive guidance.www.ChakraCoach.me and www.CarolynWhitePhD.com

InnerVoice & Healing Hands by Luis
Handmade gemstone jewelry infused with positive energy, pendulums, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Various crystals and stones. Psychic/Medium/Channeling Readings.
Matrix Energetics and Intuitive healing. I have the ability to help people through energy healing. We can work on physical, emotional, and spiritual or energetic issues. www.InnerVoiceLLC.com and www.LuisFNavarrete.com

Amaris Rising
Elegant brocade drawstring tarot bags and cloths, zippered tarot bags, messenger bags, and totes.

Red Feather Mind, Body, Spirit (Schiffer Publishing)
This table will feature both their recent and classic divination titles, tarot kits, books, and oracle decks.

SoulTopia LLC
SoulTopia offers a variety of items to showcase; such as crystals, handmade wire wrapped jewelry, their famous spray mists and much more. Stop by their booth to experience “Utopia for your Soul”. www.SoulTopia.guru

Rosarium Blends
Hand-crafted incense blends, talismanic perfumes and perfume oils, Erotic Apothecary Aphrodisiac line, hand-carved wooden chests, and more. www.RosariumBlends.com

Rare Earth Designs
Rare Earth Designs and Heartsong Healing Arts bring a selection of wooden tools for the spiritual practitioner. Heartsong will be available for short readings and will bring her hand dyed drums. We will also have customizable travel altars, apothecary cases, wooden journals, divinatory supplies (runes, ogham staves, and pendulum boards/crystal grids) made of beautiful hardwoods.www.etsy.com/shop/RareEarthWoodworks

The Mushroom Tarot
Featuring the First Edition of The Mushroom Tarot by Chris Adams as well as a selection of limited edition prints & apparel based on the artwork from the deck and printed by the artist.www.MushroomTarot.com

Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Creator of the Dark Goddess Tarot, the Tarot of the Crone, and the Minoan Tarot, offers her decks, prints, shrines, and other magical goodies for sale.www.DarkGoddessTarot.com

Seagrape Bath + Body
Self-care and ritual tools handmade in Portland with botanicals and all natural ingredients.www.SeagrapeSoap.com

A Wild Dryad
Fae Boxes ‘Charmed by Fae’, Ask A Dryad – wood rune sets, Dryadic Blessing Sprays, Physician’s Spread Tarot workbook, Tarot Spread booklets.

Sawyer’s Path Tarot / Sacred Space Tattoo Studio
Self Published decks and other eclectic Tarot treasures, including Sawyer’s Path Tarot and Lenormand Tiles.

Sawyer’s Path Tarot / Sacred Space Tattoo Studio
Self Published decks and other eclectic Tarot treasures, including Sawyer’s Path Tarot and Lenormand Tiles.

Moonlit Faye
Moonlit Faye bags are uniquely designed bags for all of your magical tools! Tarot, Oracle, lenormand and even crystal bags in a wide variety of colors and styles.

By Ailynn
Tarot aromatherapy sprays, potions, massage oils, clearing sprays, teas, and lip balm.

Moonlight Tarot LLC
Queen Up! Tarot Queen energy profiles in addition to Intuitive Tarot Readings

Crystal Stardust Gifts
Crystals hearts, spheres, wands, palm stones, aura quartz, carved gemstone animals and totems, gemstone jewelry, pendulums, incense holders, stickers, enamel pins, and more! www.CrystalStardust.com

The Tarot Garden
Tarot and Lenormand decks, including popular mass market, small press, imported, and collectible. Over 2000 decks in our database

Crystal Quarry
Crystals, rocks, minerals in tumbled, carved and natural forms, chakra sets, runes, points, clusters, spheres, and much more. www.CrystalQuarry.com

Wizard Azanon
Starseed Oracle card deck: a powerful tool for a new Aquarian Age, initiating upgrades in consciousness and galactic connections. Ascension Amulets: transformational pendants for spiritual activations. www.Azanon.com

Conjure Knits
Handmade Knit Witch Saks, Gypsy Bags, Tarot Bags, Oils, Soaps, Bath Salts, Rolled Candles, Mojo Bags.

Moonwise Mystic
Crystals, stones, magical tools, jewelry, Tarot readings.

Treasure Portal
My mystical & spiritual journey expressed in art and energy tools featuring reinvented treasures such as “Portal” boxes, mixed media paintings, talismans, amulets, spirit staffs, jewelry and dowsing Instruments.

Dazmond Natalie
Offering Astrological Tarot readings during the conference. Also… handmade ritual candles (made with all-natural soy wax and essential oils) and magickal bath bombs available. Products are inspired by Tarot and created during auspicious, astrologically elected times..

Awaken With Fatima
Deeply Inspired by the Culture of New Orleans, this set of 33 oracle cards by renowned intuitive mystic Fatima Mbodj invites you to step into the realm of absolute flow and clarity.

Hearts Compass
Intuitive readings using Shustah cards and runes. Specialized quartz crystals, tumbled stones, high-vibration stones, natural stone jewelry, smudges and custom essential oil sprays.

Beth Seilonen
Hand made divination decks, charm boards, and divination boards created by artist Beth Seilonen. From humorous to in depth decks, she explores the various nuances of the human experience through numerous perspectives. www.BethSeilonen.net

The Book Roadie
Hand-bound blank books in various sizes, each page carefully folded and sewn, each cover carefully laid out with fabric and paper. These books are both beautiful and up to the wear and tear of daily life. www.TheBookRoadie.com

Wild Gypsy Realm & Circle of Healing
Crystals & Gemstones, Jewelry & Beads, Amulets & Talismans, Tarot Cards, Essential Oil Remedies: Roll-ons for pain relief, skin care, allergies, digestive issues, custom blend readings, Animal Totem roll-ons.

The Raven’s Wing
Your favorite magic shop. Art, jewelry, ritual supplies, herbal products, gorgeous items by local makers, the best crystals and stones you’ll find anywhere, and intuitive readers eager to help you on your path. Making magic happen every day! www.TheRavensWing.com

Garden Gate Hollow
Intuitively crafted flower essences and flower essence readings, oracle card readings, energetic room and body sprays, hand crafted soap, lotion, and wild crafted bath teas. www.GardenGateHollow.com

Dreamfruit – Elizabeth Russell Integrative Arts
An interactive almanac for radical belonging. Published by Earth Dragon Press, this book is equal parts lunar planner, journal, and imaginarium. A loving call to return to the circle of life, through the portal of both night and day dreams. www.ElizabethRussell.space

The Green Wolf
Ritual tools and other art from hides, bones and other natural materials, pagan books, and the Tarot of Bones!

Creature Comforts
Fair trade, eclectic, colorful clothing; singing bowls and bells; spiritual artifacts; children’s fairy dresses. www.4creaturecomforts.com

T and T Creations
Wood burned prayers, wood burned handcrafted spirit boards, variety of metaphysical items.

Readings…And More!
Tarot readings, Hebrew Lots, Psychometry, Reiki healings, and a Kabbalistic-based energy healing technique called Kadmoniyot Lightning Flash Healing. Hand-decorated tarot bags, tankards and goblets, keepsake boxes, jewelry, wearables, brooms, wands, and more. www.ReadingsAndMore.com

NoreahBrownfield Press
Books, decks, posters and more, representing the output of NoreahBrownfield Press. www.NoreahBrownfield.com

Microcosm Publishing
Since 1996, Microcosm has published and distributed books and zines that put your power in your hands. www.MicrocosmPublishing.com

Earth and Sky Divination
Sandra creates a customized divination that incorporates crystals (earth) and astrology (sky). She also offers tarot and rune readings, magical charm bags, crystal grids, jewelry, handmade runes, inscribed candles, and wide selection of crystals. www.EarthAndSkyDivination.com

Intuitive Eye Readings
Intuitive Eye Readings: Soul Map, Life Purpose, Growth Lessons, Career, Relationships & Matchmaking. www.ThriveTypes.com

Freed Bodywork
Sustainable postural shifts ignited thought Manual Therapy offered at a discounted $1 per minute (20 minute maximum) by Meagan Freed. www.FreedBodyWork.com

Roving Horse Henna
Beautiful, original henna designs, hand drawn using hand crafted organic henna paste. www.RovingHorse.com

Wandering Oracle
Original Tarot decks by Wandering Oracle, including the beloved Marshmallow Marseille Tarot and the new mermaid-themed Tarot Sirene. www.WanderingOracle.com

7 Stones Publishing
We publish literary works that inspire, educate, and feed the soul. We value artistic vision and ensure that our Creators and Authors maintain their artistic freedom of expression. www.7StonesPublishing.com

The Cartomancer
The Cartomancer Magazine is a quarterly publication offering a high-quality full color experience of the art of tarot and other forms of divination. www.TheCartomancer.com

divine Muses
Tarot and oracle decks available with full-length companion books by Maree Bento. Handmade working decks featuring collages with historical photography & illustrations, archived in a deck rich with antique & ancestral spiritedness. The Antiquarian Tarot & Companion Guidebook and the Divine Muses Oracle set. www.divineMuses.net

Dr. Donna Lee AC
Pet Psychic, Animal Energy Balancing and Healing, Communication and Divine Purpose. Beautiful connections with all animals in-physical or crossed-overwww.DrDonnaAC.com

Tarot with Regina
I use Law of Attraction teachings with the tarot to get a snap shot of how an individual is attracting energy. The reading helps line ones thoughts up with the goals of their higher-self.Tarot readings and Selling “Oracle of the Micropatterns”.www.TarotWithRegina.com

Maxine Miller Studios
Beautiful and detailed Magickal Botanical Prints and divination tools, including an Ancient Celtic Oracle deck, Spirit boards, and pendulum boards. www.maxinemillerstudios.com

Janet Borkowski
Intuitive past life readings , animal communication as well as mediumship readings. www.Facebook.com/JanetPsychicEmpath

Be Joy – Intuitive Medium, Francesca
Readings about health and your spiritual path. Healing modalities including Usui Reiki; Pranic Healing; Reconnection, Vibration Healing; Crystal Healing; Color Healing; Sound Healing; Chakra Clearing and Balancing; Aura Clearing. www.Be-Joy.com

Ravens Wyrd Reflections
Rune Readings & Intuitive Readings & Dream Analysis with my self-published Oracle Cards. (Ravens Wyrd Reflections Cards) www.RavensWyrdReflections.com

Rose Lotus Healing Arts TAROT
Intuitive TAROT & Numerology for the Soul Readings/Consultations with Aruna Beth Miriam Rose, MA.

Andrea Firpo, Psychic Cheerleader
Offering a guided process that will take you to a deeper level of awareness of the source of the patterns of behavior that have been created over a lifetime. www.www.AndreaFirpo.com.com

Full Circle
Farming organically since 1996, we deliver the season’s best produce and wholesome farm products conveniently to your door. We make it simple to live the good food life. www.www.FullCircle.com.com