Keynote Presenter Extension

The Keynote Presenter for NWTS 2020 will be Rachel Pollack. Her presentation will be from 10AM-1PM on Friday Morning, March 6, 2020 and the topic will be…


Relationship spreads are among the most popular—and powerful ways we use the cards.  Often, people want them to reveal secrets—“Is my boyfriend cheating on me?”—or predict the future—“Will my lover propose when we go away for a trip?”  Such answers can be very important, especially when making a decision.  But we also can use the cards to explore relationships rather than define them.

What does each person give in the relationship?  What do they share and what do they hold back?  What do they want?  What do they need?  Rachel has explored such readings for many years.  Now she is extending this work in an exciting new way—looking at relationships with people close to us who have died.

Just as most readings are assumed to make predictions, so the standard view of mediumship follows a set pattern.  First, the medium proves they’re genuine by revealing something very private—“Aunt Sophie asks if you remember the toy dinosaur she gave you when you had your tonsils out?”  Then a message—“Mason wants you to know he forgives you for the accident.”

As impressive, and often comforting as these moments can be, we can use the cards to go more deeply.  Rachel does not claim to be a medium.  Instead, she trusts the cards for awareness and understanding—and the truth that our relationships do not have to end when a person dies.

Note: This is the Friday Keynote Extension. You will need a special ticket to enter this presentation.

Rachel Pollack is the multi-award winning author of 43 books, including the Tarot classic, Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom, now in its third edition and in print continuously since 1980.  Her work has been translated into 16 languages and is sold around the world.  Rachel has taught Tarot in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Europe, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, and China.





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Keynote Presenter Extension Questions

As we have done each year, NWTS strives to bring keynote presenters who among the most knowledgeable experts in the cartomancy community. Consequently, their presentations are often packed to overflowing, while the presenters in the same time slot have much lower attendance. Also, there is a significant extra expense associated with bringing those presenters to NWTS.

In consideration of both of those points, we are creating a special time for the keynote speaker’s presentation on Friday morning. This will be an extra long presentation slot in a larger room, with no other speakers scheduled at the same time. This way, everyone who wants to attend the keynote presentation can do so with ample room and without missing any other presentations.

In order to make this possible, we have an optional "Keynote Presenter Extension" item that can be added onto the base registration for $35. The majority of that amount will go directly to the presenter, with a small portion going to cover the added venue costs for the room adjustments.
No. The Keynote Presenter Extension is only available with the regular registration for NWTS, either for the full weekend, or the Friday single day registration.
We have seating for 200 in the room for the Keynote Presentation. Between registered Attendees, other Presenters, and Vendors, who want to attend the Keynote Presentation, is is possible that we might reach a sell out point, so it would be a good idea to get your registration early.
Vendor load-in and setup time is from 9AM-1PM on Friday morning, which spans the time of the Keynote Presentation. Those are the only hours available for Vendors to set up to be ready to open the room at 2PM. If you are able to manage your setup and be ready to open by 2PM, while attending the Keynote Presentation from 10AM-1PM, and then yes, you would be able to do both. You will need to purchase either the full weekend Attendee pass, or the Keynote Presentation pass separately from your Vendor registration.

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