Thank you for your interest in the Accelerator program. Due to the upset to people’s schedules, finances, and current plans, we are making some revisions to this program and will set a new class schedule soon. Please check back for updates.

The Esoteric Entrepreneur Accelerator:
A six-month online class series that takes you from hobby to pro!

Carrie Paris and Jay DeForest, successful professionals in the healing and esoteric arts,  invite you to join in this empowering series of online meetings, easy to follow task-assignments, and experienced mentoring. Together, they will show you how to establish, and accelerate your profitability and success in the esoteric arts business.

A range of important topics are included in the series:

Lecture: Business Basics: Your Business Plan, Accounting, and Contracts
Lab: Fine tune your business plan and cover accounting tips taxes and profitability

Lecture: Your Website: Making an impactful presence 
Lab: Guiding you through designing a strong website presence & shop

Lecture: Workspace: How to find or create a suitable space  to run your business
Lab: Options for decor, functionality and affordability

Lecture: How to launch a successful business creating esoteric/healing arts products
Lab: Showing you the steps needed for creating and launching profitable products

Lecture: Creating a passive income through online offerings
Lab: Showing you options for creating a passive income through E-products

Lecture: Marketing: Designing promotional materials, Advertising Opportunities
Lab: How to reach potential clients and build your customer list

Guidance for a range of Task Assignment including:

  • Create a functional business plan
  • Construct an irresistible & responsive website
  • Establish your physical workspace(s)
  • Set up an accounting system for your particular needs
  • How to create a funnel for profit
  • How to make and launch a healing arts product
  • Online & global teaching: Build a webinar that grows your audience
  • Create “Evergreen” offerings to develop passive income
  • Network with healing art influencers
  • Create layouts for marketing brochures, flyers, business cards
  • Build a potential client list and make business contacts

Lectures and Lab sessions

Dates to be determined


Carrie Paris Northwest Tarot Symposium

Carrie Paris From being in the first class to receive a Masters in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination from the University of Kent, UK, to offering classes and divination services to a global clientèle in the US, Asia, and Europe, Carrie is full-time working professional diviner and educator. She is also the creator of the Magpie Oracle and several other Tarot and Lenormand sets. She brings her wide ranging expertise and dynamic energy to every project she undertakes.

Jay DeForest - Co-Director Northwest Tarot Symposium

Jay DeForest In addition to being the Co-Producer of the Northwest Tarot Symposium, throughout the rest of the year, Jay does professional Tarot and Rune readings at fairs, festivals, corporate and private parties, and online through Portlandia Fortune Tellers. With Jadzia, he is also the co-author of the Living Magick Learning Cards series, and the author of Behind the Fortune Tellers Tent: A Complete Business Guide to Fortune Telling at Parties and Events.



The Accelerator program offers two options with one goal—To see that you succeed.

  • Option 1

Attend 12 online classes with Carrie Paris and Jay DeForest over a six month period for hands on business mentoring and task assignments designed to place you on a successful career path doing what you love.

  • Lecture Series  6 online lectures specifically designed to show you how you can successfully establish yourself in your chosen esoteric arts field.
  • Lab Series  6 follow up labs where we check on your progress, locate solutions to any challenges you may experience along the way, and answer questions that support your success.
  • 12 Task-Assignments  This is where you will show up between our online sessions and put in the time required to follow through with your task-assignments. All assignments are designed to help you grow your business with integrity while making a profit. For best results, we recommend a time commitment of 7 to 10 hours per week.
  • Option 2

This option includes all of the items from Option 1, plus three private 30 minute coaching sessions with Carrie and Jay during the 6 month span of the program. Here you will receive individual training that gives strong attention to your specific goals, while advising you through your assigned tasks.

Class size is limited to 12 Participants

Enrollment will open soon.