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~ Combination Set includes Learning Cards & Quick Reference Sheet ~

The Lenormand Learning Cards deck was designed specifically for learning the basics of the 36 card Lenormand system. This divination tool is simple, and yet very deep and multi-faceted when it comes to the amount of information that can be discovered in a reading.

Using the full set of 36 cards to do a Grand Tableau reading provides a very comprehensive look at whatever the question posed may be. The key is in knowing the associations and meanings of each of the cards. The Lenormand Learning Cards make it easy to learn and remember the correspondences as they relate to this system.

This set contains two decks. The larger sized cards are the flashcards, with the icon on the card’s face and associations on the back. These are your study guide. Each one includes:

  • Card Name & Number
  • Standard Playing Card Correspondence
  • The Quality of the Card: Positive/Neutral/Negative
  • Associated Keywords
  • Literal Meanings

The smaller deck of cards are to be used for readings once you feel you have the basic associations memorized. These smaller cards are included to make it easier to lay out the Grand Tableau spread. They include only the card image on one side with a decorative back.

There is also an instructional booklet describing how to use the Lenormand Learning Cards, Techniques for simple readings, and an introduction to the Grand Tableau, the comprehensive 36 card reading.

Product Summary:
Authors: Jadzia DeForest and Jay DeForest
Format: Card Deck
Language: English
Dimensions: Card Size – 3.75″ x 5.25″
Details: Oversize cards, large font size, double-sided flashcards, printed on quality card stock, packaged in a lift-off top heavy duty box.

Title: Lenormand Quick Reference Sheet
Authors: Jadzia DeForest & Jay DeForest
Format: Double Sided Laminated Sheet
ISBN: 978-0-9903137-9-3
Publication Date: February 2019
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.5″ x 5.5″