Vending – Consignment

For people attending NWTS, as Presenters or Registered Attendees, we offer an option for selling your books, cards, or other related merchandise on consignment through the NWTS/Guiding Tree booth. Our staff will handle sales, collect payment, and we’ll pay you for sold items after the weekend concludes.

The cost for the consignment option is:
$20 Listing fee for up to 3 different Titles or Products of the same retail price
(There can be multiple copies of each)
20% of Sales total as a commission retained by NWTS

Only those actually attending NWTS are eligible for this option.
Items must be pre-approved by us to ensure they are appropriate for the event, and to avoid an excess of overly similar items.
All items must be clearly marked with the retail price.
No mixed pricing on similar items. (Example: Listing Tarot Bags, with 12 designs, all at different prices.)
No large display setups. Space is very limited.
Maximum 12 copies of items left with us. (You can bring more with you if you want to, but extras must be brought to booth only as needed.)
All items must be picked up by 5PM on Sunday. Items not collected by then will be packed and shipped back at the owner’s expense.

Please use this form to submit items that you would like us to consider for consignment vending at NWTS. You may list up to 3 distinct items, or categories of items. All items, or items in a category, must have the same retail price, and the listing fee will be $20 for 1, 2, or 3 items/categories. (You may have multiple units of each to place on consignment.)

To avoid having too many similar types of items, or items that don't fit with our space, or the event, please describe your items clearly. If they are something other than a book, or card deck, please include a photo.

Items of a similar type must all have the same retail price. For example, if you have Tarot bags to sell, they cannot all have different prices for each individual bag. You could have three categories, such as Small, Medium, and Large, but all within a category must be the same price.

Consignment space is very limited so we cannot accept very large items, or large displays. If there is something involved in demonstrating or selling your item(s) other than buyers being able to simply look at it and know what it is, please describe that in the details section.

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Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.