Welcome to our 5th Annual Tarot Conference!

The 2019 Northwest Tarot Symposium (NWTS) will be held March 1st – 4th, 2019 at the Monarch Hotel & Conference Center 12566 SE 93rd Ave Clackamas, OR 97015.

This symposium is focused on Cartomancy, the art of reading cards for divination, including Tarot, Oracle, and Lenormand. We look forward to having students, readers, and deck creators join us for a weekend of vending, workshops, art, signings, performance, networking, and fun!

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Cade Burkhammer, creator of the Wise Fool Tarot, is out featured artist this year. The poster and t-shirts will feature his Fool card. See more of his artwork at the conference and online here: www.CadeBurkhammer.com

 2019 Conference Update Information

We have some exciting updates to tell you about regarding the 2019 event. We are going to grow in a few different ways. Here are the highlights:

Beginning in 2019, NWTS will be offering paid compensation to ALL of our presenters. Most conferences pay only a small number of “headline” speakers, and the rest are offering their presentations gratis. We select each year’s presenters very carefully and believe that all are deserving of compensation for their knowledge and time.

In order to make this possible, we are increasing the price for a weekend pass by $30 per person. We hope that the NWTS community will share in our belief, and see this modest increase as going to a good cause.
As we have done each year, NWTS strives to bring keynote presenters who are among the most knowledgeable experts in the cartomancy community. Consequently, their presentations are often packed to overflowing, while the presenters in the same time slot have much lower attendance. Also, there is a significant extra expense associated with bringing those presenters to NWTS.

In consideration of both of those points, we are creating a special time for the keynote speaker’s presentation on Friday morning. This will be an extra long presentation time slot in a larger room, with no other speakers scheduled at the same time. This way, everyone who wants to attend the keynote presentation can do so with ample room and without missing any other presentations.

In order to make this possible, we have an optional "Keynote Presenter Extension" item that can be added onto the base registration for $35. The majority of that amount will go directly to the presenter, with a small portion going to cover the added venue costs for the room adjustments. The Keynote Presenter Extension is only available with the regular registration for NWTS, either for the full weekend, or the Friday single day registration. Details about this are at the Keynote Presenter Extension page.
A significant number of NWTS attendees are professional readers in their everyday lives. As such , they have special areas of interest particularly related to business concerns. To offer a specific program for their benefit, we are adding a Professional Development Extension on Monday following the rest of the NWTS events.

The Professional Development Extension is a full day intensive with both morning and afternoon presentations, and a catered lunch included. Whether you are a long-time professional reader, or just beginning to build a business, this single track program will target topics uniquely geared toward helping you increase productivity and profits, while streamlining your business and avoiding costly pitfalls. For information on this year's presentation, please see the Professional Development Extension page.

This program is available either as an add-on to the regular NWTS registration, or by itself. The cost for the program is $240 by itself, or as part of a special bundle price with the rest of the weekend registration.
Also new this year is the option to pay for your NWTS registration in 3 equal payments. Whether you want to register for the Friday-Sunday program, or the full four day Friday-Monday program, you will have the option of paying all at once, or make your payment in three automatic monthly installments.




 Just like Public Broadcasting, Community Theater or the Ballet, we are reaching out to you for financial support to make the Northwest Tarot Symposium a huge success. As with any large community event, there are a great many costs associated with producing the Northwest Tarot Symposium. We are doing the best we can to keep registration, meals and hotel prices as low as possible, but there are still a great many expenses that need to be covered.  Whether you are planning to attend, or just want to make a donation to help this event succeed and to make sure it happens again in the future, or to contribute to the 2019 Scholarship Fund, we deeply appreciate your assistance!

Click here to make your donation to the 2019 Scholarship Fund!


Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd

9AM to 5PM

Monarch Hotel & Conference Center
12566 SE 93rd Ave
Clackamas, OR 97015

 Held in conjunction with the Northwest Tarot Symposium, the Psychic Fair and Metaphysical Market is Free and Open to the Public!

We have Readers and Merchants from all over the US and beyond coming to Portland for the symposium,

and to offer their goods and services for your benefit!

Tarot & Oracle Readings ~ Palmistry ~ Norse Runes

Visionary Art Exhibit & Silent Auction

Raffle Drawings

Vendors offering….

Divination Tools ~ Stones & Crystals ~ Books

Ritual Clothing ~ Jewelry ~ Oils & Incense

Statuary ~ Wall Plaques ~ Prints & Original Art


“I loved the workshops – variety, stellar presenters and mostly that presenters and guests were all so friendly and helpful. What a fantastic group of people you all are!”

“I liked the gathering of the Tarot people, seeing all of the different decks, and all of the different approaches to the cards.”

“I love meeting people I only know in the social media realm.”

“There were a large variety of speakers and topics – making the material desirable to masters and beginners, alike!”